Can Guinea Pigs Wear Harnesses?

Two guinea pigs stay together on a clean floor

Guinea pigs are free to run and nervous creatures. Moreover, they frequently look for air for potential danger. So, the guinea pig will not be very fond of being walked like dogs. But can guinea pigs wear collars like loose dogs? Can guinea pigs wear harnesses? Can Guinea Pigs Wear Harnesses? If you take a …

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Can You Walk A Guinea Pig On A Leash?

A close-up tri-colored guinea pig stays on a cage

Question Time! Can you walk a guinea pig on a leash? This is one of the most common questions from owners of small pets, such as guinea pigs. Well, we will find out here. Can You Walk A Guinea Pig On A Leash? Guinea pigs can be walked on a leash, but don’t try to …

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Can Guinea Pigs Wear Collars?

Two guinea pigs eat bok choy while on dry ground

Guinea pigs have established themselves as popular household pets. They come with a few additional features such as toys, blankets, tunnels, hides, and so on. The collar is another accessory that attracts owners. Collars for small pets such as guinea pigs are available from pet stores as well as on the internet. Guinea pigs, like …

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Do Guinea Pigs Need Exercise Wheels?

A guinea pig with soft black and brown fur stays in a cage with a white and green fence

Guinea Pigs spend most of their time inside their enclosure, enticing their mood and attitude they need toys or amusement. However, few people wondered if Guinea Pigs, like hamsters, need exercise. You might be wondering, do Guinea Pigs need exercise wheels? Do Guinea Pigs Need Exercise Wheels?  Guinea Pigs do not need exercise wheels. In …

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