Can Guinea Pigs Jump?

A guinea pig with short tri-colored fur on the cage with a blue and peach fence in the backyard

Guinea pigs are adorable little creatures that many people enjoy keeping as pets. But can guinea pigs jump? Guinea pigs have been known to jump up very high in the air! This article will discuss some of the things that guinea pigs can do and why they make great pets for people of all ages. …

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Can Guinea Pigs See Well?

A tri-colored guinea pig eating an onion leaves on a clean floor

How do guinea pigs see in the dark? Is it possible for them to see in color? Is it possible for them to see in the dark? Guinea pigs are great pets, with a strong social nature. They do not prey animals. It is critical for guinea pigs to live in pairs since this helps …

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Can Guinea Pigs Kill Each Other?

Two guinea pigs sit beside each other on a sunny day

Guinea pigs are pleasant and amusing rodent pets, but guinea pig squabbling is not uncommon. They are also very mischievous at times. Many people believe that a daily companion and human touch from another pet is better for the well-being of a lonely animal. Although pairing the cavies may not be as simple as one …

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Can Guinea Pigs See in the Dark?

can guinea pigs see in the dark

A curious guinea pig owner may believe that these crepuscular animals cannot see in the dark, some believe otherwise. In this article, we will dig deeper to answer the question: can guinea pigs see in the dark? Can A Guinea Pig See In The Dark There is some debate over whether or not they can …

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Do Guinea Pigs Close Their Eyes?

A close-up tri-colored guinea pig with eyes open staying in a cage with a blue and peach-colored fence

If you recently got your guinea pig, you are probably asking yourself, do guinea pigs close their eyes? This can be because you have never seen them with their eyes closed or ever seen them blink. In this article, we explore this topic further. Do Guinea Pigs Close Their Eyes? Guinea pigs rarely close their …

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Do Guinea Pigs Have Eyelids?

An image of a smooth haired guinea pig

As a guinea pig owner, you have probably seen your furry friend do a lot of things that may range from outright silly to brilliant. However, chances are you may have never seen it blink or close its eyelids. This may lead you to ask yourself, do guinea pigs have eyelids? Do Guinea Pigs Have …

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Do Guinea Pigs Blink?

A tri-colored guinea pig and a two-colored pig are beside each other on a gray floor

Guinea pig owners witness their furry little family members perform a variety of odd things virtually every day, but most will never see their guinea pig with closed eyes. Guinea pigs spend the vast majority of their time with their eyelids open — even while sleeping. The odd quirk may make you wonder: do guinea …

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Do Guinea Pigs Like the Dark?

Cute guinea pig hiding in stones

You must have often heard your little guinea pig scurrying around in its cage, chattering, munching on hay, or slurping water in the middle of the night. Cavies can go about their business at any time of the day, whether day or night, which leads to the question; do guinea pigs like the dark? Do …

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Do Guinea Pigs Eat Their Poop?

A guinea pig smelling baby carrot placed on a brown floor

Have you ever seen your guinea pig dipping his head between his hind legs, then coming up for air while nibbling on something? If yes, then you must be wondering what on earth is your guinea pig doing?! Do guinea pigs eat their poop? While this may seem disturbing to you, it is quite normal …

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Do Guinea Pigs Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Guinea pig with eyes wide open and tri-colored fur stays on the ground with dry leaves and a two-colored fence

Guinea pigs are adorable to observe, most especially when they are sleeping. Getting all snuggly and warm in their enclosure with their little nose twitching every now and then can make everyone’s day a little better. Guinea pigs are vulnerable creatures and they are very prone to get startled every once in and while, even …

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Do Guinea Pigs Have Tails?

A tri-colored guinea pig stays in a cage with dry ground and a tri-colored fence

Guinea pigs are adorable and exciting creatures. With their popularity spanning up to the British aristocracy, one is bound to be interested in their anatomy. A general question most people ask is, do guinea pigs have tails?. If your cavy does not have a tail, did its ancestors have one? Also, if guinea pigs’ ancestors …

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Do Guinea Pigs Have Feelings?

Two guinea pigs playing with each other inside their cage on dry ground and a two-colored fence

Guinea pigs are lovable and adorable pets. We can agree that they are intelligent creatures that can distinguish their owners by their voices and smell. Most of their friendly traits beg the question, do guinea pigs have feelings? Do Guinea Pigs Have Feelings? Yes, guinea pigs have feelings can love their owners. This answer comes …

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