Can You Keep Guinea Pigs Outside?

can you keep guinea pigs outside

Can you keep guinea pigs outside? It can be challenging to know whether or not your pet can live outdoors. There are many factors that can affect their lives, and it’s important to consider them all before making a decision. The temperature can vary greatly depending on where you live, and some regions may have …

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Can You Potty Train a Guinea Pig?

Two guinea pigs eating green leaves placed on a surface in the kitchen area of the house

Can you potty train a Guinea Pig? Do you want to potty train your guinea pig? It may seem like a daunting task, but you can get your furry friend using the toilet in no time with a little patience and perseverance! This blog post will discuss the basics of litter training and some tips …

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Can You Overfeed a Guinea Pig?

A guinea pig with healthy black and brown fur eating green leaves placed on a white floor in the house

It’s a question that has crossed the minds of many guinea pig owners – can you overfeed a guinea pig? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. Overfeeding a guinea pig can lead to health problems, including obesity and diabetes. This blog post will discuss what overfeeding is, the health risks associated with overfeeding, and what to …

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Can You Bathe A Guinea Pig With Dog Shampoo?

Two guinea pigs eating bok choy together while on dry ground in the cage

Guinea pigs are among the most popular pets in the United States. Bathing your guinea pigs is essential if you have many piggies in a cage and they enjoy rolling in the dirt. In this article, we’ll go through how guinea pig shampoos work and how to care for a guinea pig properly. Can you …

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Can I Use Shredded Paper For Guinea Pig Bedding?

Two guinea pigs playing outside on the dry ground

Humans, like our four-legged companions, long for comfort, peace, and happiness in their life. So does your furry companion. Guinea pigs enjoy shredded paper bedding for a wide range of prices and qualities. Paper may be found virtually anywhere, and it can be shredded with scissors or a shredder to make comfy bedding for your …

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Can Guinea Pigs Get Fleas?

Two guinea pigs in a cage with a white and blue fence placed outside the house

Fleas are small, parasitic insects that feed on the blood of their hosts. While they commonly affect dogs and cats, fleas can also infect other animals which leads us to the question, can guinea pigs get fleas? Can A Guinea Pig Get Fleas? Guinea pigs are a common type of pet, and as such, they …

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Can Chinchillas And Guinea Pigs Live Together?

can chinchillas and guinea pigs live together

Chinchillas and guinea pigs are both small rodents that are gentle and have a similar diet. Considering that they are almost the same, can chinchillas and guinea pigs live together? can chinchillas and guinea pigs live together Can Both Chinchillas And Guineas Live Together Whether or not chinchillas and guinea pigs can live together is …

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Can Guinea Pigs Die Of Loneliness?

A healthy guinea pig with tri-colored fur stays in a cage with a tri-colored fence

Guinea pigs are small rodents that are kept as pets. They are popular because they are docile furry creatures and easy to care for. But behind the playful character, they are also emotional animals that have feelings and can be sad at times.  It’s no surprise that other guinea pig owners have wondered if their pets can …

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How to Teach a Guinea Pig Tricks

Preparing to teach guinea pigs with new tricks

Guinea pigs have become a popular choice for pets due to their cute appearance, fun, and social and expressive nature. They are also quite intelligent and can be trained to perform a variety of step routines, simple agility skills, and a variety of other simple skills. Training involves the use of positive reinforcement techniques. How …

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Can Guinea Pigs Drink Out of a Bowl?

A close-up guinea pig with brown and black fur is placed in a cage with a white and green fence

You groan as you grab your guinea pig’s water bottle. There’s hay, carrot fragments, and other debris floating around in there. Our young buddies are notoriously sloppy drinkers, making washing water bottles a chore. Surely there must be a convenient process, right? You may be wondering, can guinea pigs drink out of a bowl? Let’s …

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Do Guinea Pigs Run on Wheels?

Two guinea pigs playing in the cage with a white and green fence

An exercise wheel is a toy used for keeping small pets active. Exercise wheels have gained popularity due to their usage in popular media such as Hollywood films. However, this popularity begs the question, do guinea pigs run on wheels? Do Guinea Pigs Run On Wheels? No, guinea pigs do not run on wheels. Exercise …

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How to Clean a Guinea Pig Water Bottle

A guinea pig with short fur stays in a cage with a tri-colored fence

Guinea pigs are pretty lovable animals; however, they need extra care to stay healthy. One thing that can help keep those gorgeous creatures healthy is providing plenty of water in a clean guinea pig water bottle. Knowing how to clean a guinea pig water bottle can help make the process straightforward to carry out. In …

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