Can Guinea Pigs Drink Out of a Bowl?

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You groan as you grab your guinea pig’s water bottle. There’s hay, carrot fragments, and other debris floating around in there. Our young buddies are notoriously sloppy drinkers, making washing water bottles a chore.

Surely there must be a convenient process, right? You may be wondering, can guinea pigs drink out of a bowl? Let’s see

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Out of a Bowl?

Yes, guinea pigs can drink out of a bowl. While guinea pigs are able to drink from a bowl, most don’t because their early years were spent drinking out of water bottles and thus it can be difficult for them to learn later on when they need to change over.

A guinea pig with eyes wide open stands near a peach fence

Aside from providing clean and healthy water, you need to think about how you will get your tiny pet to drink water. Water is necessary for life; therefore your tiny ray of sunshine will need to drink enough of it. Your furry bud must stay hydrated.

Pros of Guinea Pigs Drinking Water From a Bowl

The first advantage is that the bowl is on the floor of the cage, which means guinea pigs don’t have to raise their heads to drink water, which may be easier for elderly or sick guinea pigs. It is far more difficult to teach your guinea pig to drink from a bowl if he has been accustomed to drinking from a bottle. 

This, however, may be easily prevented by placing water in a dish for him to sip while he grows. He’ll become used to drinking from a bowl this way.

The second advantage is likely the cost, as bowls are less expensive than water bottles.

Cons of Guinea Pigs Drinking Water From a Bowl

One disadvantage of bowls is that bacteria accumulate within them due to the fact that they are not closed. You should absolutely wash it at least once a week.

A close-up guinea pig with brown and black fur is placed in a cage with a white and green fence

Water bottles, on the other hand, are far more hygienic than bowls it is also a plus if you know how to properly clean the water bottle. They are hermetically sealed, and the water basins lack even covers. The water might be polluted by anything in the cage.

From this vantage point, you really shouldn’t even contemplate ordering a bowl. Consider all of the nefarious things that may be found in a guinea pig cage. Guinea pigs have been observed lying and pooping in their meal dishes. Why wouldn’t the same thing be done with water bowls?

Anything may get into their water, which is not good. Hay, food, and even dung may get inside there, so if you’re thinking of obtaining a bowl for their drinking, please keep the cage as clean as possible. Also, as soon as you notice bedding or anything else in the water bowl, change the water.

Another disadvantage of utilizing a water bowl is that it might be knocked over. This causes the entire cage to become damp, and you should clean it well, but there is a simple solution to avoid this, and that is to purchase a ceramic bowl. It is far more convenient to use a larger bowl.

Why Should You Never Leave a Guinea Pig Dehydrated?

Never leave your guinea pigs alone in the absence of adequate water. Guinea pigs cannot survive for lengthy periods of time without water, and they might die as a result of dehydration.

When it comes to dehydration, keep in mind that they have the ability to spill their bowl all over the cage. If this happens when no one is present, they are at risk of dehydration. Please consider all of the variables before deciding whether to acquire a bowl or a water bottle for your guinea pigs.

A guinea pig eats a vegetable on dry ground in the cage

Related Questions

Can Guinea Pigs Go One Night Without Water?

If your guinea pig goes without water for 24 hours, it may experience side effects. These can include dehydration and even death if the animal is old or sick with a high-temperature regime in place that causes them to dehydrate more quickly than average animals. They run out of fluids faster due to their body tissues being less resistant to moisture loss ( humidity).

What Does It Mean if My Guinea Pig Is Not Drinking Water?

Guinea pigs are natural water conservationists, so it’s no wonder they tend to ignore their own thirst when given an endless supply. One of the reasons your guinea pig may be drinking less water is if his bottle’s blocked or your guinea pig’s teeth are too long. You can check to figure out the primary reason.


Guinea pigs for sure can drink out of a bowl. Whether guinea pigs drink from a bowl or water container, you need to make sure your guinea pig has plenty of clean drinking water at all times. There should be an easily accessible source nearby so you can monitor their hydration levels and prevent illness caused by dehydration.