Can You Bathe A Guinea Pig With Dog Shampoo?

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Guinea pigs are among the most popular pets in the United States. Bathing your guinea pigs is essential if you have many piggies in a cage and they enjoy rolling in the dirt. In this article, we’ll go through how guinea pig shampoos work and how to care for a guinea pig properly. Can you bathe a guinea pig with dog shampoo?

Can You Bathe A Guinea Pig With Dog Shampoo?

Guinea pigs are just like other pets in that they need to be fed, cared for, and kept clean. They require regular feeding, care, and cleansing. Owners should never make abrupt changes to their bathing routines due to a lack of appropriate bathing products.

Two guinea pigs eating bok choy together while on dry ground in the cage

When it comes to washing guinea pigs, both human or dog shampoos are out of the question. Because manufacturers use anti-flea chemicals to make dog shampoo, it may be more harmful to small animals such as guinea pigs than human hair shampoos.

It’s possible that small animals may be harmed by it. Now, if the human shampoos are detrimental to the guinea pig’s skin, the dog shampoos might be lethal. Is it really necessary?

What Kind Of Shampoo Should I Use On My Guinea Pig?

If you want to give your guinea pigs the advantages of shampoo, buy non-toxic, cruelty-free, or small animal shampoo that is specifically formulated for bathing mice, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and other small animals.

These are shampoos that can be used without fear of rodents or rodent-like animals.

What Can I Utilize In Place Of Guinea Pig Shampoo If I Don’t Have One? 

If you don’t have any guinea pig shampoos, the safest option is to place your guinea pig in warm water. You may store the next bottle of guinea pig shampoo for later use. However, right now, you can’t go wrong with warm water.

Is It Okay To Bathe My Guinea Pig With Baby Shampoo?

Baby shampoos, despite being hypoallergenic, are only suitable for people and not guinea pigs.

Soaps and shampoos meant for people are often too harsh for animal skin, resulting in discomfort and even infections if the irritation continues.

If you do not have any guinea pig shampoo and you need to give a bath to your guinea pig, you can utilize the least portion of any unscented baby shampoo as a last resort.

When it comes to extreme cases, such as a fire or other emergency situation, this is a one-time occurrence. You won’t be able to bathe your guinea pig with this solution on a regular basis because it will remove its natural oils, which help maintain its coat healthy and growing.

Remember that what has little effect on human skin may have a significant impact on animal sensitive skin; keep this in mind.

It’s also not a good idea to bathe cats and dogs in baby shampoo or other kinds of human shampoo. It doesn’t matter if the shampoos contain natural essential oils and other organic compounds; they’re not all created equal.

A guinea pig eating a slice of bread while on a brown floor in the living room

What Does It Do for Guinea Pigs’ Skins?

Shampoos designed for humans are frequently too harsh for pet coats and skin. As a result, unless a shampoo has been verified and labeled as safe for small animals such as guinea pigs, it should not be used on them on a regular basis or at all.

The drawbacks are far too great compared to the advantages. Consider how terrible it would be not being able to bathe your guinea pig because you ran out of the appropriate kind of shampoo.

What Are The Components Of Dog Shampoo?

The ingredients found in human shampoos, such as humectants and propylene glycol, are used in dog shampoos. To maintain a constant pH level and slow down moisture loss from the product, urea is also added. 

How Often Should My Guinea Pig Be Bathing?

Luckily, guinea pigs do not require a lot of washing. You can give a bath to your guinea pigs just once a month. That too, during the summer season. In winter, twice a month.

Some individuals believe that giving a guinea pig a bath is ideal in the summer only, and they avoid bathing their pets during the winter season.

It’s also essential to remember that bathing them more than once a month makes guinea pigs more prone to dry skin, skin infections, and viruses, so one bath per month is sufficient. Plus, it affects if they have sensitive skin.

The following are the most frequent goods you’ll need to bathe your guinea pig.

Essentials For Fully Bathing A Guinea Pig

  • Guinea Pig Brush
  • Shampoo
  • Clean Cloth
  • Dry Towel
  • A Bowl of lukewarm Water
  • Hair Dryer With Cool Setting

Keep your guinea pigs clean!

How Do I Clean My Guinea Between Bathes?

Bathe your guinea pig once a month, if possible. During the summer, bathe your guinea pig every four to six weeks, and even less frequently during the winter.

Meanwhile, make sure you are:

Regularly Replacing The Bed Of Your Guinea Pig

To keep your guinea pig’s home dry, additionally line it with newspaper to prevent moisture from accumulating.

Disinfecting The Guinea Pog Cage

You can prevent infections by cleaning the cage with a disinfectant once a week.

Remove the dishes, water bottles, toys, and bedding and spray the disinfectant over the cage as well as the wiring.

When the cage is completely dry, clean it with a clean towel. Replace the bedding when it’s time.

A guinea pig with tri-colored fur beside a cauliflower placed on a brown floor

Properly Cleaning The Guinea Pig’s Water Bowls, Feed Bowls, And Play Toys

If a cat or dog has urinated in your yard, the best thing to do is clean them thoroughly once a day and disinfect them once a week using a pet-friendly solution.

Spot Cleaning The Guinea Pig Cage

Remove soiled bedding, in particular around litter trays and eating spaces, on a regular basis.

 Keep Your Guinea Pigs Out Of The Dirt

During their run-around, make sure your guinea pigs’ hutch and play areas are in dry, grassy, and clean locations to keep them clean. 

Is It Possible To Bathe Guinea Pigs With Only Warm Water?

Yes, you may bathe them with just water or only warm water. This is an essential approach to bathing guinea pigs that will not hurt them.

Now, remember, guinea pigs in the wild have never used soaps and shampoos, and they’ve survived well beyond the dinosaurs. In conclusion, guinea pigs do not require shampoos.

Small animal shampoos are designed to smell a certain way and to avoid the coats of small animals being soiled or dusty, which is why they were created. Shampooing guinea pigs, on the other hand, is just one more step that isn’t necessary for their existence.

What Should I Use To Wash My Guinea Pig’s Eyes?

Guinea pigs have a natural discharge from their eyes that they usually clear on their own with their paws.

If their eyes appear to be crusty and in need of treatment, it’s a good idea to bring them to the veterinarian for an examination.

It’s preferable to inquire with your veterinarian about the illness.

A runny nose and crusty eyes are usually an indication that your guinea pig is sick.

Now, as eyes are sensitive, you should buy tearless shampoo for guinea pigs.