Do Guinea Pigs Close Their Eyes?

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If you recently got your guinea pig, you are probably asking yourself, do guinea pigs close their eyes? This can be because you have never seen them with their eyes closed or ever seen them blink. In this article, we explore this topic further.

Do Guinea Pigs Close Their Eyes?

Guinea pigs rarely close their eyes. Even when they are sleeping, most of them sleep with their eyes open. When they close their eyes, they are either exhausted, trying to get something out of their eye, or they feel safe around you.

Guinea pig with healthy tri-colored fur placed on a cage with peach and blue fence

Before they became domesticated, guinea pigs lived in the wild and were at the bottom of the food chain. Closing their eyes could be the difference between life and death. They evolved in order to survive. Don’t worry; keeping their eyes open most of the time is not painful, and does not hurt them in any way.

How to Tell That Your Guinea Pigs Are Asleep

As a guinea pig owner, there are a few things you need to be aware of concerning guinea pigs and sleep. Knowledge of this will probably save you from having to visit a vet for something that does not require a vet visit.

Most guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open. It may be challenging to know whether they are asleep or awake. There are some things you can look out for so you are aware.

They’re Ignoring You

You may have realized that guinea pigs love attention because they have feelings too. They enjoy attention being on them and looking at what you are doing. So when you check on your guinea pigs, and you notice that they are not paying any attention to you, chances are they are asleep.

They’re Very Still

Guinea pigs love moving around, especially when they know that your attention is on them. They will want to show you their moves and run around their habitat. If you notice them not doing this and are keeping still, they are asleep, and you should not disturb them.

A close-up tri-colored guinea pig with eyes open staying in a cage with a blue and peach-colored fence

However, they will not be able to be like this for a long time. They sleep for a short time because they are used to being prey and need to be alert longer than they need to sleep. When your guinea pigs are sleeping, do not attempt to pick them up. They are most likely to bite you.

They’re Staring Off

Seeing your guinea pigs staring at nothing, in particular, maybe a little shocking for you. You will probably wonder if they have spotted something that you are unable to see. This is not the case.

Your guinea pigs are tired and are asleep with their eyes open.

To know for sure if they are, clap your hands gently. It will get them out of their sleep, and you will have their attention. Do not clap too loudly; it may cause them to be startled.

They’re Lounging

Most of the time, the feet and legs of your guinea pigs are covered by their fur, making it hard to know what they are doing. If your guinea pigs are still and you see their feet, they are asleep. You may want to look at their feet for a bit longer because the chances of sleeping like that are rare.

When they feel sleepy, most guinea pigs will curl and look like a ball of fur. This is relaxing and getting cozy so that they can sleep. If you have more than one guinea pig, you will find the sleepy one snuggled against the other one. If they are all sleepy, prepare for an adorable sight.

They’re Snoring

Guinea pigs snore loudly when they are sleeping. They also tend to pass gas while they are sleeping. If you hear one of these or both, it means that your guinea pig is sleeping.

If you hear some wheezing or coughing sounds during their snores, it may be an indication that your guinea pig is sick. To be on the safe side, check if they have any other symptoms and have your vet look at them.

One guinea pig with black and brown fur while the other has tri-colored fur placed on dry ground

Related Questions

In Which Environment Do Guinea Pigs Like to Sleep?

Guinea pigs like to sleep in environments that are dark and quiet. They prefer the dark because predators will not be able to see them. Although your house may be safe from predators,  they are already genetically predisposed to sleep like this.

When Do Guinea Pigs Prefer to Sleep?

Guinea pigs have no set time for them to sleep. Some sleep during the day and others sleep during the night. It all depends on the time that they feel exhausted. You may think that your guinea pig is not getting any sleep at all, and it is while it does.


It is normal for guinea pigs to keep their eyes open even when asleep. Their eyes being open always does not cause them any problems, so there should not be any cause for alarm.