Can Guinea Pigs Kill Each Other?

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Guinea pigs are pleasant and amusing rodent pets, but guinea pig squabbling is not uncommon. They are also very mischievous at times. Many people believe that a daily companion and human touch from another pet is better for the well-being of a lonely animal. Although pairing the cavies may not be as simple as one might believe, it is nevertheless a good idea. Can guinea pigs kill each other?

Can Guinea Pigs Kill Each Other?

Are you concerned that they will quarrel and even kill each other? You’re correct in attempting to figure things out since even if it’s extremely uncommon, two guinea pigs can fight and one of them may not survive his injuries.

Guinea pig eats a green leaf on a white floor

That is why, when you wish to house more than two guinea pigs in the same cage or hutch, you must adhere to some norms. That is exactly what we’ll go through today.

Why Guinea Pigs Start Fighting When They Are Put Together?

Guinea pigs are sociable creatures that enjoy living in groups of up to ten or more individuals, but not in anarchy. Guinea pigs live in a highly structured and hierarchical society, with a single male at the top, one or more females, second-ranking males who may later usurp the top position, and young that are looked after by all guinea pigs.

When the social structure of guinea pig families is jeopardized, rivalries can erupt between them, and the cause of their conflicts is frequently competition for dominance or territory (a portion of the wild prairie, a perch or the highest corner in a hutch).

The majority of the time, the game is played by adult males. They do not frequently kill each other; instead, the loser is swiftly identified and surrendered his position to the winner, who may be a woman or a region.

Do not get too excited in the wild, when a male guinea pigs who lose a fight, they can flee to save life; the meadow is enormous; they may also seek out other female guinea pigs elsewhere, which is not the case when they are confined in a cage or hutch with only a few square feet of space.

That is why they are more likely to kill each other in cages than in the wild or in their natural habitat, so keep an eye on what will come next to avoid it.

What Are The Reasons When Guinea Pigs Fight?

Guinea pigs are frequently involved in a fight for one reason or another. Locating the precise one can help you figure out what to do when guinea pigs fight.

To figure out which one of these reasons is behind your guinea pigs fighting, keep a close eye on their behavior for a few days.

Continue reading to learn more about why guinea pigs fight. Understanding the cause will aid guinea pig owners in resolving the problem in the most effective way possible to stop guinea pigs from fighting.

For Establishing Dominance

The indicators of guinea pig dominance fights include snorting, butt dragging to leave a scent and marking their territory with chattering teeth.

They run around, chase one another with their mouths open and teeth bared, raise hackles, and mount each other.

When the battle is concluded, a submissive guinea pig will remain and dominant guinea pigs will be in charge. That can be a larger guinea pig or male cavies. On the other hand, submissive guinea pig can be a younger guinea pig, a tired guinea pig, or may be a female guinea pig.

Two guinea pigs sit beside each other on a sunny day

Guinea Pigs Fight Out Of Boredom

A guinea pig is like a very cute and charming child. Plus, they are extremely social animals and adorable pets, unlike other animals.

Because they’re going to be in a pen, they’ll need to play with toys or engage with other guinea pigs or their cage mates. Guinea pigs interact well with other cavies when guinea pigs are playing.

If it’s not the case, the guinea pigs will become irritated and begin brawling. Puppies benefit from chew toys greatly. The main goal of this situation is to provide them with something to do so they don’t get bored. Because yes guinea pigs are social and that can lead to guinea pigs fighting.

Sticks or logs can be used to make these activities.

You can also offer vegetables and hay to keep the cavies occupied while they snack on them. Trough tunnels and cardboard dwellings are other toys that may be provided.

By releasing them from their hutches to explore the environment and enjoy themselves as they would in the wild, you can also prevent boredom.

Make sure to cavy-proof all areas by closing all the doors, if possible, and plugging any holes. This will keep the cavies calm.

If your garden is not safe for them to run, you may give them a run.

You can conceal their snacks, which will be a nice exercise for them since a tired guinea pig will not start a fight, so be extremely cautious about how they are kept.

Any Kind Of Illness Or Injury

An injury or illness could be the cause of a pair of guinea pigs that have been together for a long time and suddenly become aggressive. That is why, guinea pigs fight, especially why the male guinea pigs fight.

You’ll need to check them for any symptoms of sickness or a physical harm in order to find out why the cavies are battling.

When you can’t figure out why your pet became so irritated, contact a veterinarian to assist you with caring for them and provide advice on how to nurture them.

Guinea pigs’ health is strongly influenced by the food they consume and the cleanliness of their surroundings.

To prevent illnesses from spreading and to supply fresh food on a daily basis, clean the guinea pig’s cage and feed them correctly.

Another method to clean them is with the usage of a particular sandbath.

Use a dust-free and knocking proof plastic sand bathing tub to hold the specific rodent bathing sand.

Two guinea pigs with short fur sit beside each other in the cage

After gradually improving your dog’s condition, it’s time to test a new approach. Set up an alternative dry bath in another room rather than the litter box and utilize the same sand bath again.

Make certain that the food you provide to the guinea pigs meets all of their nutritional needs.

Change the bedding in their cages at least twice each day, and disinfect them once a week.

Lack Of Space And Food

Guinea pigs are social and enjoy having people around, but they still require their personal space.

Although they require a lot of space, having numerous cavies in one tiny cage may cause them to get irritated with each other, resulting in a guinea pigs fight.

We like to buy most of the cages that are 7.5 square feet, which is a small cage.

The perfect guinea pigs cage should measure approximately 10.5 sq ft. That can prevent guinea pigs fighting.

Cavies enjoy playing and will need a larger area in order to do so.

They can create tunnels and hideouts out of recycled cardboard boxes.

If you want to keep your hamster from fighting over food and water, give it enough of both.

Make certain there are enough water bottles and feeding areas available.

This shows that fights like these will lessen, and they’ll live in peace with one another. Moreover, it will make a more natural environment and prevent a guinea pigs fight.

Sexual Aspects

Now, pairing in terms of the sexual aspects is very important in preventing two guinea pigs from fighting.

Because the two male guinea pigs will fight over the female guinea pig to gain her attention and may harm her. That is why, you can’t mix a female guinea pig with two male guinea pigs.

If you wish to link them, you must first connect one male guinea pig and one female guinea pig.

A guinea pig can have up to six litters in a year, each containing eight pups.

Many guinea pigs need attention, which might be difficult.If your guinea pig behavior suggests it may be confused, you should consider spaying or neutering the male guinea pig.

One male guinea pig to two or more female guinea pigs is another option for guinea pig couples.

The ideal method of pairing two guinea pigs is to pair them together and keep only two to three cavies in a cage so that they may have more room.

If you have to pick between several guinea pigs, do your research and make an informed decision.

How To Find Out When Guinea Pigs Are Fighting Or Playing?

Discovering out whether your guinea pigs are fighting or playing may be difficult.

Humping, sniffing one another, and light chasing are signs of cavies playing.

Pouncing with opposing intent, grinding that can direct to a bloodshed, guinea pigs being loud, lifting the hunches, and wrath chatter are among the indicators of a guinea pig battle.

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