Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bok Choy?

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Guinea pigs are low-maintenance rodents that mesmerize us with their cuteness. Despite being easy to take care of, these furry pets can’t consume just anything. It is best to double-check if a particular food item is safe for guinea pigs to consume before serving it to them.

Certain foods need to be avoided at any cost since they can have fatal health consequences. You’re probably thinking to yourself ‘can guinea pigs eat bok choy?’. Well, we have a comprehensive answer ready for you:

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bok Choy?

Guinea pigs can enjoy a diet that consists of bok choy in limited quantities. The frequency of eating this type of vegetable should be every two weeks because it is known to cause bloat, kidney stones and even bladder problems if consumed too often!

Two guinea pigs eat bok choy placed on dry ground

While bok choy has a lot to offer in terms of nutrition, your guinea pigs won’t be able to tolerate high quantities of it. Understanding the benefits and risks of feeding your little rodent with this cabbage will help you make wiser decisions.

Nutritional Value of Bok Choy

Bok Choy, a type of Chinese Cabbage that you can easily find in Asian markets. It tastes like spinach and water chestnuts mixed with celery! The leafy stalks as well as bulbous stem make it resemble an appearance to cauliflower or broccoli too; but then again these vegetables belong together since they’re all members from the same genus-Brassica.

According to the U.S. Department Of Agriculture, almost one and a half cups or 100 grams of bok choy consists of:

  • 13 calories in total
  • 95.3 grams of water
  • 1.5 grams of protein
  • 0.2 grams of fat
  • 2.18 grams of carbohydrates
  • 1 gram of fiber
  • 1.18 grams of sugar

Here is the vitamin and minerals breakdown of bok choy:

  • 4470 IU of Vitamin A
  • 45 milligrams of Vitamin C
  • 0.194 milligrams of Vitamin B-6
  • 45.5 micrograms of Vitamin K
  • 66 micrograms of Folate
  • 105 milligrams of Calcium (Ca)
  • 0.8 milligrams of Iron (Fe)
  • 19 milligrams of Magnesium (Mg)
  • 37 milligrams of Phosphorus (P)
  • 252 milligrams of Potassium (K)
  • 65 milligrams of Sodium (Na)
  • 0.19 milligrams of Zinc (Zn)
A top view of two guinea pigs eating a bok choy placed on the ground

Benefits of Feeding Bok Choy to Guinea Pigs

Since you’re curious to learn about the impact of feeding bok choy to guinea pigs, it is a good idea to know about its benefits. While humans benefit from this vegetable because of the high vitamins, low calories, and low cholesterol, it isn’t clear if guinea pigs also benefit in the same way.

Some of the benefits of feeding bok choy to guinea pigs include:

  • Since the vegetable is low on the glycemic index, it will not cause the guinea pigs to experience sudden bursts of energy. The more evenly distributed energy of bok choy will prove better for the rodent.
  • Exposure to foods with decent levels of Vitamin C is good for rodents since they require between 10 and 30 mg/kg. Deficient guinea pigs may even need up to 45 mg/kg to get their Vitamin C levels up. Failure to get enough Vitamin C can lead to scurvy in these rodents. Feeding your guinea pigs with pomegranate fruits are also rich in Vitamin C.
  • Exposure to foods with decent levels of Vitamin A like bok choy is good for guinea pigs’ vision. Similar to feed is the celery that is also improves eyesight to your guinea pigs.
  • When pregnant, guinea pigs may benefit from foods that have folate like bok choy. The cabbage may help promote healthier offspring.
  • As a nutritional package, bok choy has the ability to prevent cancer in the prostate, colon, and lungs. The antioxidants in this vegetable will battle free radicals and promote health.

Risks of Feeding Excessive Bok Choy to Guinea Pigs

Too much of a good thing like bok choy can be a disaster waiting to unfold. Guinea pigs have tiny organs that can’t be compared with the ones humans possess. Therefore, it is vital to understand the dangers of overfeeding your lovely pet with bok choy.

The risks of feeding guinea pigs with too much bok choy include:

  • Since it is a sort of gassy cabbage it can cause the rodents to bloat. Other symptoms that it can present include flatulence and unusual feces.
  • Foods with high levels of Calcium like bok choy can promote the development of both kidney stones and bladder stones which can prove fatal for guinea pigs.
  • Foods with high levels of Sodium like bok choy also promote the development of kidney stones and bladder stones which are dangerous for the health of guinea pigs. Moreover, feeding pickles to your guinea pigs can also be harmful if you feed them too much due to high Sodium content.

If you can sense your guinea pig shows signs of distress or has some health issues, rush to the veterinarian. Otherwise, try to provide your guinea pigs with a balanced diet.

Ideal Diet to Ensure Healthy Guinea Pigs

The most vital component of a guinea pig’s diet is hay. The rodents munch on hay which mostly consists of fiber and constantly grind on their ever-growing teeth. If your pet doesn’t get enough hay, it can end up with dental issues and diarrhea.

A guinea pig with short fur eats bok choy on dry ground

You can also feed them with guava fruit that is rich in fiber but in moderation.

The second most important component of a guinea pig’s diet has to be grass-based pellets. There are grass-based pellets made specially for guinea pigs keeping their dietary requirements in mind. Your pet would benefit from having these pellets served to it.

Thirdly, don’t forget to serve your guinea pigs with loads of green vegetables and leafy greens. According to the Humane Society, your cute guinea pigs need about a cup of vegetables every day.

Related Questions

Here, we’ve answered some of the most common questions about caring for pet guinea pigs:

What Parts of Bok Choy Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Guinea pigs can eat the stems, stalks and leaves of bok choy. All these parts are healthy for the rodent making it safe to consume.

How Much Bok Choy Can a Guinea Pig Have?

A guinea pig can have moderate quantities of bok choy once every two weeks. Higher quantities and frequency can promote the growth of bladder stones and kidney stones.

How Do You Prepare Bok Choy for Guinea Pigs?

Clean the bok choy with water and chop it in tiny pieces so that it is easier for the guinea pig to consume it.


Guinea pigs can consume bok choy in moderation. This leafy vegetable is extremely healthy with high levels of vitamin A and vitamin C which is great for the rodent. However, it also has high levels of calcium which isn’t good for guinea pigs.