Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pea Shoots?

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Surely, it would be such a delight to see your Guinea pig nibbling their stash of veggies, right? However, few people wonder if Guinea pigs eat all kinds of green vegetables, particularly the peculiar, non-leafy ones like pea shoots. Can Guinea pigs eat pea shoots? Here is the answer to the question. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pea Shoots? 

Guinea pigs can eat pea shoots. Eating pea shoots can give them various health benefits due to the vitamins and nutrients that it contains. It is not only healthy but a convenient food for Guinea pigs since it is easy to grow and very cost-effective.

Fresh pea shoots

But along with the health benefits, eating pea shoots can also have health risks for Guinea pigs. Thus, it is necessary to weigh out the positive and negative possibilities of feeding pea shoots to them.

Benefits of Pea Shoot Feeding in Guinea Pigs

Being a member of the pea plant family, pea shoots are known to be healthy and nutritious for humans, Luckily, pea shoots are also healthy for Guinea pigs. It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, D, C, E, K, as well as protein, carbohydrates, magnesium, iron, calcium, and many more. Here are some of Pea Shoots health benefits to Guinea pigs:

  • Pea shoots contain very little fat and cholesterol, making it safe for Guinea pigs to consume without the risk of suffering from obesity and health problems. 
  • Pea shoots contain Vitamin C which is vital for the Guinea pig’s immunity against diseases.
  • Pea shoots have high fiber content which helps with Guinea pig’s digestion, gut work, and bowel movement.
  • Pea shoots offer Vitamin K which helps with blood clotting of wounds and injuries. 
  • Pea shoots promote improved eye health and sight because they contain carotenoids, a nutrient that is essential for the immune system and eye health.  

Things to Consider Before Pea Shoot Feeding

While pea shoots contain various vitamins, nutrients, and minerals necessary for Guinea pigs’ health and overall well-being. There are also numerous things to consider before feeding them this nutritious veggie. Few of which are the possible health risks and improper food preparations.

Thus, understanding these considerable cons of pea shoot feeding will help you determine if this veggie is a go or not for Guinea pigs.

A guinea pig with black and white fur is on top of a gray rock near a big brown rock

Pea Shoot Feeding Health Risks

It is necessary for Guinea pigs to have the vitamins and minerals that are suitable for their growth and health. Pea shoots offer a wide variety of these needed nutrients, which is why it can be healthy for them to have pea shoots.

On the other hand, there are also a few nutrients that might cause more harm than good to Guinea pigs and these nutrients can also be found in pea shoots. Here are the pea shoot nutrients that are harmful to Guinea pigs:

  • Phosphorus – causes health problems if fed in a high amount
  • Calcium – causes kidney and bladder stones as well as fatal urinary health problems
  • High Water Content – causes diarrhea and unhealthy bowel movement
  • Sugar – causes indigestion and bloating if fed in a high amount

Feeding Hazards

Unlike green veggies and fruits that can be fed to Guinea pigs in a plain and easy way, there are few things to consider before feeding pea shoots to Guinea pigs. These things will not just help improve their health but also prevent other unnecessary exposure to health risks.

Make sure that the pea shoots you feed to Guinea pigs are fresh. Processed and frozen pea shoots can cause stomach problems for Guinea pigs. In addition to this, remove the excess strings in pea shoots before feeding io Guinea pigs.

These strings are considered a choking hazard for them and feeding them one should be avoided at all costs.

Excessive Feeding and Portions

Most of the health risks posed in feeding pea shoots can be avoided if Guinea pigs are fed in moderate amounts of pea shoots. Avoid feeding Guinea pigs pea shoots every day. Make sure to only feed them three times a week at most. This will not only promote a healthy diet for them, but it can also brighten their mood and overall well-being.

Just like humans, Guinea pigs have palettes that can be satisfied with different tastes. Feeding Guinea pigs a variety of food every day will make them more satisfied with their diet. This will eventually reflect in their behavior and hygiene.

A tri-colored guinea pig on a big rock near a brown chunk of wood

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What is Poisonous to Guinea Pigs?

Apparently, there is a lot of foods that can be poisonous for Guinea pigs. These foods include avocado, foxglove, ragwort, holly, hemlock, garlic, onion, buttercup leaves and flowers, yew, bulb plants, house plants, potatoes, and pet shop treats. Other plants and vegetables can also be harmful to Guinea pigs if fed in high amounts.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pea?

Guinea pigs can eat peas which can give them vitamin C that helps improve their immune system against various diseases. However, peas should be fed in Guinea pigs with moderation since they contain phosphorus and calcium which can be dangerous for their health. It was advisable for Guinea pigs to eat fruits and vegetables at least two to three times a week.


Guinea pigs can eat pea shoots. Pea shoots contain vitamins and minerals that can help improve Guinea pig’s health and immunity against diseases. However, there are various things to consider before feeding them pea shoots such as the possible health risks concerning the nutrient content of pea shoots, feeding hazards, and overfeeding.