Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi?

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Kiwis are one of the famous nutritious foods you can easily find in stores and supermarkets. Surely, people love them due to their slightly tangy yet sweet flavor that is available in all seasons. However, people frequently ask this question: can animals and pets also enjoy eating this fruit?

Can guinea pigs eat kiwi? Here is the answer you have been looking for!

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kiwi?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat kiwis. Moreover, they can enjoy the vitamins and nutrients that this fruit has. Kiwis can be a healthy diet for your guinea pigs since it promotes a lot of health benefits for them.

Sliced fresh kiwi

Kiwis are highly nutritious for both humans and guinea pigs. For humans, eating kiwis every day might sound normal and healthy but that is not the case with guinea pigs. Despite having health benefits, kiwis can also expose guinea pigs to health risks and problems.

Health Benefits of Eating Kiwi

For guinea pigs, kiwis could offer a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that will essentially aid their bodies to be healthier and stronger. Since guinea pigs’ diet is 80% hay and grass, they needed to eat other vitamin-packed foods to make up for other nutrients that their body needs. Luckily, kiwis can provide these nutrients for them.

Here is a list of health benefits of kiwi eating for guinea pigs:

  • Vitamins and minerals like Vitamins E, K, B6 as well as magnesium and iron are present in kiwi. These nutrients promote blood clotting and strengthen guinea pigs’ immune system.
  • Kiwis have fiber, a nutrient that is vital for balancing the digestive systems’ function. Getting fiber from the foods that guinea pigs eat is vital for them since their diet is mostly composed of hay and grass. Moreover, it can also prevent diseases like colon cancer and also avoid constipation and diarrhea.
  • Kiwis contain potassium, a nutrient that is necessary for balanced blood pressure and blood regulation. Potassium reduces the risk of heart diseases.
  • Vitamin C that is abundant in kiwis is important to guinea pigs’ diet due to its boosting effect on their immune system. guinea pigs are known for their lack of ability to produce their own Vitamin C, which is why it is necessary to add kiwis and other fruits that are high in vitamin C in their diet.
  • Kiwis have Carbohydrates that provide energy for guinea pigs to be active which promotes a high-quality lifestyle and good hygiene for them.
A close-up guinea pig with tri-colored fur leans on a peach and blue fence on dry ground with dry leaves

Risks in Feeding Kiwis to Guinea Pigs

Even with the numerous health benefits that Kiwis offer to guinea pigs, they can also impose danger to the animal’s health as well. Most of the nutritious fruits that you can offer to guinea pigs are known to have negative effects and risks to their health if not careful. 

Knowing the possible health risks and problems that may arise due to kiwi feeding will allow people to understand how to properly feed guinea pigs fruits that offer high amounts of nutrients. With that, it is essential to recognize the pros and cons of feeding kiwis to guinea pigs before actually adding it to their diet.

Health Risks in Kiwi Feeding

Feeding kiwis to guinea pigs can expose them to various health risks due to the fruit’s abundance of vitamins and nutrient content. While guinea pigs need specific nutrients to maintain their health, excessive amounts of them will lead to health problems and diseases that can be fatal for them. The diseases that guinea pigs’ can get from excessive kiwi feeding include:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Diarrhea
  • Bladder and Kidney Stones
  • Heart Problems
  • Liver Problems

Kiwis can cause various diseases in guinea pigs due to their high sugar, water, and calcium content. This can be prevented by moderate feeding and a balanced diet.

Improper Kiwi Feeding Habits

While health risks and problems can be proven fatal for guinea pigs if fed with too many kiwis, kiwi feeding can also expose them to accidents. With this, people should understand how to properly feed guinea pigs fruits like kiwi to prevent these hazards from happening.

The one thing you need to know before feeding kiwis to guinea pigs is to peel the fruits’ skin before offering it to them. Kiwi’s skin can be a choking hazard for your guinea pigs. Moreover, cutting kiwis in small sizes can also assure that your guinea pigs will not accidentally choke on them while eating.

Guinea pigs are fragile and sensitive creatures so they should be thoroughly supervised when fed with fruits.

Excessive Feeding in Guinea Pigs

Most of the health risks that guinea pigs could suffer in eating various fruits can only happen if they are fed high amounts of food. If guinea pigs are fed with proper and sufficient amounts of fruits, they will harvest the benefits and avoid the risks.

For guinea pigs, kiwi should be fed in no more than a tea-spoon size once a week to prevent obesity and liver problems. The high sugar and calcium content of kiwis must always be considered before feeding it to guinea pigs especially if they are already fully grown.

Following this strict portion and kiwi food-management would allow guinea pigs to indulge in the fruit without exposing themselves to health problems in the long run.

A guinea pig with short tri-colored fur was placed in a cage with a blue and peach fence in the backyard

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Can Pigs Eat Kiwi Fruit?

Mini pigs can eat a few vegetables such as cauliflower, zucchini, green beans, and celery. In addition, they can enjoy fruits like avocado and unripe bananas too. You can also feed them kiwi and tomato skins if you want to add more to their diet.

What Foods Are Poisonous to Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs have sensitive stomachs and we should always be careful before offering them different kinds of food. The foods that guinea pigs cannot eat include bulb plants, chocolate and caffeine products, Iceberg lettuce, nuts, potatoes, as well as dairy and meat.


Guinea pigs can eat kiwis and enjoy the health benefits it offers to them. Kiwis are a highly nutritious food that will help with the guinea Pigs’ health and immune system. Unfortunately, it can also impose health risks and problems on them if fed in excessive amounts.

Thus, feeding them kiwis in proper and advisable portions could prevent the health risks such as heart and liver problems from happening.