Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cranberries?

Cranberries in a bottle

Can you imagine a guinea pig nibbling small fruits, cute right? Well, people should be careful in feeding them because their bodies are as fragile as they look. Often, people ask what kind of fruits guinea pigs can eat.  Since they are small, most people think that it is safe for them to eat small …

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery?

Two brown guinea pigs eating green leaves on the ground. Can guinea pigs eat celery?

Celery is an ancient vegetable that numerous western civilizations have cultivated. It provides sustenance for both people and animals. Most guinea pigs’ diet consists of hay, guinea pig pellets, fresh fruits, and herbs. As a guinea pig owner, you already know that not all fruit and vegetables are safe for your guinea. You might wonder …

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Lemons?

Lemons on the table

Guinea pigs are wonderful animals to have as pets. As with all pets, guinea pigs require constant maintenance and gentle caregiving. This caregiving entails providing them with a steady and balanced diet with no adverse side effects. From rabbits to rats to caterpillars, many animals benefit from eating lemons. Thinking of trying this fruit on …

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Do Guinea Pigs Have Feelings?

Child eating the same blade of grass with a guinea pig

Guinea pigs are lovable and adorable pets. We can agree that they are intelligent creatures that can distinguish their owners by their voices and smell. Most of their friendly traits beg the question, do guinea pigs have feelings? Do Guinea Pigs Have Feelings? Yes, guinea pigs have feelings can love their owners. This answer comes …

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Do Guinea Pigs See in Color?

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are tailless rodents of the cavy family. They have fascinating features, and I wanted to know if they see color, so I researched them. Most rodents are known to have poor vision. Guinea pigs have outstanding spatial awareness and an incredible sense of hearing and smell. One may wonder, do guinea pigs see …

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blackberries?

Hand holding blackberries

Blackberries provide a tasty treat for humans and animals alike. These berries come packed with nutrients and antioxidants. However, are they safe to give to your guinea pig? Can guinea pigs eat blackberries? Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blackberries? Yes, guinea pigs can eat blackberries. Blackberries are safe for your guinea pig to eat in moderate …

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